Tech Tools: Infusionsoft – An All-in-One Solution for Small Business CRM and Marketing?

If you are into small business, chances are you’ve mulled over the dilemma of how to integrate your CRM and marketing solutions into one seamless system instead of using several ones. In case you haven’t heard, Infusionsoft offers integrated marketing and online sales solutions that are especially targeted for small business owners.


Off the bat, Infusionsoft appeals to many because it hits two birds with one stone: a way to communicate with and monitor your leads as well as manage online sales and other tasks that aim to get continuous business.

More Than Just Email Marketing

The one thing that sets Infusionsoft apart from other systems is that it is more than just email marketing, by leaps and bounds:

1. CRM Feature – Allows you to track customer data; simply input the name of your contact and within seconds you come face to face with every information that is connected to him (from the time he joined the list to a history of all the web pages he has viewed, and everything in between).

infusionsoft CRM

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2. E-Commerce Program: Infusionsoft has the power to process not just credit card payments but also PayPal transactions. The system hooks up straight to online payment facilities that also include, Power Pay and other popular merchant processing systems. Included is a shopping cart system, an affiliate marketing program, promotional tools and coupons for deals and discounts.

3. Report Platform: As information is the lifeblood of business success, Infusionsoft aims to provide you with all the data you need from both the micro and macro perspectives. The software includes a feature called “Lifetime Customer Value”. This allows you to identify customers that have spent the most on your business over a lifetime (or a specific period). Other reports include Lead Source ROI, Marketing Channel, Sales and more.

infusionsoft Report

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4. Campaign Builder Component: A popular feature that lets you construct a marketing campaign using drag and drop commands. This allows you to save time on campaign creation thanks to its efficiency tools and lets you gauge just how robust your campaign really is.

infusionsoft campaign builder

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5. Word Press integration: Makes it easy to plug-in to your Word Press website and includes plugins that track traffic.

infusionsoft integration

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All of this sounds pretty swell, but here’s what everyone is going to be asking about: the price. To be honest, it will cost you several hundred dollars more than your usual CRM tool to enjoy what Infusionsoft has to offer. At present, you are looking at spending $200 to $300 a month depending on which features you intend to get. On top of that is a setup fee that is required to get the whole thing started. In short, you will have to be willing to invest a good amount of money to be as productive and efficient as Infusionsoft aims you to be.


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So, is it safe to say that Infusionsoft is a must for any small business? The answer is in the grey area: yes if you have the funds and the confidence in being able to generate enough revenue to pay for its monthly outlay; no (or not yet!) if your business is up and running but cannot yet fully take advantage of the pretty awesome features Infusionsoft has to offer as you will be putting out more than you stand to earn in return. But once the ball gets going and you are quite confident in the direction and trajectory of your small business, then Infusionsoft is not only a great suggestion but also practically a requirement for even greater success.


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