Tech Tools: Meet Edgar – And Get More Out Of Your Social Media Updates

We all know that social media presence is a must if you want your business to thrive online. But we also agree that, to some degree, social media posting can be a little bit of a pain in the neck. You need to figure out the types of posts you want to make, the schedule in which you will need to post them, and more. It can get quite a handful at times, which is why it pays to find a really good tool that will help you manage such task. One great tool that you definitely need to try out is Edgar.

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The Best Market for Edgar

Using Edgar will most likely lead to the realization that it is perfect for small and burgeoning businesses that want to make a presence online rather than big businesses. Big brands most likely outsource their social media and have the capacity to pay for such outsourcing. But small businesses would like to invest a smaller amount that still yields significant results. Edgar is perfect in that you maintain active presence online with your social media posts yet will not need to spend big bucks or immense amounts of time for it.

A Walk Through

Using Edgar starts with setting up a posting schedule on an automated calendar where you can determine the following:

• The type of content you want to post (and where to draw it from)
• The day the post needs to be published, and
• The exact time you want it to be published

It’s all quite easy and requires very little effort to figure out. You are staring at a simple calendar layout with all the commands present, so you will not find yourself digging through subcategories to input your preferences.

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Capturing Ideas (And Holding On to Them)

If you are on the hunt for great content to take note of for future posts, Edgar also has a Google Chrome browser extension so you can easily add the page or content to your library. This is a strong feature of the tool, because at any given time that you find yourself surfing the web and coming across great content you can instantly file it away for future use. There’s even an option to file it and then instantly predetermine when you want it to be sent, if ever you are excited to get word of it around ASAP.

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Your library of content is also organized according to customized themes (ex. Funny & Inspirational, Tech Updates, Business Posts, etc.) that are color coded. At a glance, you can easily see your queue to know how much of each type of content you are posting based on the colors that you see. This is a great way to know if your posts are balanced across all the types of content you want to publish.

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It Goes On.. And On…And On.

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Another cool thing about Edgar? Once a post has been published, it automatically routes itself to the end of the queue and stays in line for another round of posting. This can go on for all eternity, if you so wish. And if you don’t want it to do that, you can simply take it out of the queue.

Edgar as Compared to Hootsuite and Buffer

You might be interested to know the similarities and differences of these in demand social media scheduling apps in the market. These 3 apps all have the ability to schedule posts in advance for multiple social media networks. They also have the ability to attach pictures to Facebook and Twitter, have browser extension for Chrome that enables uncomplicated scheduling and have in-app analytic reports. Buffer and Edgar on the other hand, have the ability to create a custom, automatic posting schedule – which is lacking in Hootsuite.

Out of these 3 apps, only Edgar has the feature to save posts to a library which can be retrieved for future postings. It also utilizes an auto-refill queuing based on your saved content that allows you to never miss a scheduled timeslot.

Some Observations

Of course, Edgar is not without its limitations. Some of the limitations or hiccups observed so far include:

1. You can’t respond through it. If someone initiates engagement through your post, you need to reply via the social media platform and not through Edgar.
2. You still need to hunt for your content. In the future, it would be nice for this tool to come up with a content search and generator that you can just choose from instead of having to look for them yourself. This will be a MASSIVE feature, and we’re hoping this earnest wish will be heard and granted!

All in all, Edgar is one of those “Oh, definitely!” types of applications when it comes to social media. With the amount of time that it saves you, you can then concentrate on other areas of your business that you want to improve on.


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