Upcoming Event: Photoshop for Beginners

Photoshop for beginners

Graphic Designer and tutor Angela Wozniak (founder of Annielka.com)  has over 15 years experience using photoshop and will introduce to you the core Photoshop features you’ll need to create your first Photoshop project and also teach you how to work with designers when outsourcing.

The aim of this course is to give you a broad overview on what photoshop is capable of and how to use it correctly through practical class tasks each week.

Although learning Adobe Photoshop from square one can seem daunting, this course gives you exact skills you need to get started with graphic design and photo imaging with no prior Photoshop knowledge required.

The course will run for six weeks, three hours a week.

30th April (Thursday, 10am – 1pm) –  Creating and saving files; file formats.
8th May (Friday, 10am – 1pm) –  Typography and Colour
14th May (Thursday, 10am – 1pm) – Mastering The Pen Tool
21st May (Thursday, 10am – 1pm) –  Images and Retouching
28th May (Thursday, 10am – 1pm) –  Masking, Opacity and Blending
4th June (Thursday, 10am – 1pm) –  Personal Project

Price: $499
Required: Own laptop with Photoshop installed

This will be a hands-on, personal class with a maximum of ten people.
To register email: angela@annielka.com


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