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When scheduling meetings is an integral part of your work day, applications that can simplify the whole process are always welcome.’s goal is to help you set up meetings with your contacts in a streamlined, convenient manner.


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Young Yet Promising is a relatively young in-email application, but it is worth a look because its approach to work is exactly what it intends to deliver: simplicity. In a nutshell, is a program you install in your computer and works within your email to do all the scheduling (and rescheduling – we’ll get to that in a bit) you need. It follows a pretty straightforward, three-step process that includes:

STEP 1: Inputting your meeting details on the pop-up within the email


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STEP 2:  Choosing the times you would like your contact person to choose from for your meeting, and


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STEP 3: will plug in those times into the email you send to your contact.


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And that’s it. It will no longer take you five emails going back and forth with your contact to determine a mutually convenient time – the program already does that for you. In a world where time is of the essence, you are certainly shaving minutes off your task load thanks to

Going Deeper into the Program is actually more than just an automated program that informs your contacts about your desire to set a meeting; its other features are what make it something worth using:

  • Assures a common time between yours and your contact. The program also has a schedule monitor feature that will not allow you to book a meeting if the time slot is already full. There’s also a neat feature that, when you happen to fill up all your suggested times, the app notifies your contact of this and suggests your alternative availability based on your calendar.
  • Trusted guarantees 99% uptime as well as SSL data encryption (much like what Dropbox uses) to keep your information secure.
  • Memory feature. The program takes note of common meeting times and locations, which it conveniently suggests when you schedule another meeting.
  • Time zone conversion. Should your contact be halfway across the globe, converts his or her time zone to yours so you know when you are actually scheduling a meeting.
  • Email notifications. Whether your meeting has been approved by the contact or he wants to reschedule it, the program will send the both of you an email about it. On the part of your contact, it will also only take her seconds to choose a rescheduled time and place because right on the email there is a summary of options for her to choose from. You can also go back to what you sent and edit some information if needed, and your contact will also be alerted to that.

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Why You Should Get It

If you have not yet been convinced to try out the app by now, check this: is free to download and use straightaway. At present, the app only allows for scheduling with one contact (a group meeting feature might/could be in the works later on). The company may offer premium features in the future, but for the time being the whole thing is free! In addition, the program does not require your contacts to use Gmail or Google Calendar; whatever calendar system they use will still work with (nor do they need to install the app as well).

Try it out, see how well it fits into your meeting scheduling routine and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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