Tech Tools: Optimizing Communication with the Slack System

In today’s times, there is nothing quite as important as being able to collaborate and communicate effectively in order to get things right. In today’s world, time is of the essence and everyone looks to maximize communication opportunities. With the introduction of tools such as Slack – a system that allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team in a more effective manner – getting things done need not be as challenging as before.


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Designed for Today and the Future

Slack is a platform that introduces tools for effective communication no matter how big your group or your project is. The program allows you to communicate with your whole team, or just a subset of it. It is designed to ensure you send the right kind of communication to the people whom you intended, and not anyone else. With globalization in full swing, being able to connect with everyone and anyone becomes very easy with Slack.

Features of Slack

Slack’s strong points are based on its well thought of features that are highly usable:

1. Channel Creation: In using Slack, you begin by creating open channels for your group or project. You can start off with a particular topic that you want to tackle and share with the whole team in one go. This is efficient because everyone becomes instantly aware of what they need to know, without you having to meet them in person. The channels are also discoverable and come with search functions for easy look-ups of past topics or information. Message sending is also easy and versatile, with the option to append files, images, videos, links and more.

slack channel

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2. Service Integration: Slack can be integrated with a variety of services that you and your teammates use regularly. These include Twitter, Google Drive, and Dropbox, to name a few.

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3. Gadget Syncing: When Slack is installed on your smart phone, tablet and computer, you can be sure that what is done on one gadget will be synced with the others. This way, even if you switch to another device you can still be updated on communication or information exchange on your Slack channels.

4. Software Configuration: Not only is this system capable, but it also comes with a certain degree of versatility. This is thanks to the ability to configure the software in order to receive particular Notification types. This way, you are only getting alerted on what you feel that you need at the moment, and then adjust your setting at a later time as your project evolves and your needs change.


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Off the bat, Slack is very intuitive, even for first time users. You can get started quickly and see everything right away. Spending more time on it will reveal handy extra features, like the ability to label channels or send direct messages to one team member.

And of course, the best part about this is that the app comes with a free version. This light version already comes with a 10,000-message limit, a searchable archive function, a maximum of five integrations, and multi-team support.

Slack takes every good thing from the tools you use and puts it all in one system for you – and it’s definitely worth checking out if it’s right for you and your team.


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