Tech Tools: Make CRM a Breeze with Streak

If you are running a small- medium-size business, chances are you have already heard about a CRM system. A CRM, or a customer relationship management system allows you to better handle the different business-related inputs that keep your company alive and operational.

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Because there are so many aspects to consider, CRMs with varying features can be quite confusing at first. Today, we take a look at one hard-hitting CRM app, Streak, that seems to be able do it all smoothly, easily and seamlessly.

A CRM for Today and Tomorrow

While technically not a full-blown app in itself, Streak is more of a plugin that you integrate with your Google email account, for Safari and Chrome users. Setting it up is quite easy, as all you need to do is go to its website (link: and install the plugin in from there. Opening your Gmail account soon after installation has finished, you will find your email dashboard with additional bells and whistles all ready for you to use.


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The beauty about Streak is its desire to keep things customized to what you really want to see and work on. At the onset, it asks you which elements you would like to be tracked in your Gmail account. These include the usual CRM stuff like story leads, deals, mail support, and more. There are a number of business processes to choose from, and it will be up to you to select the ones that you want to prioritize and show up in your email.

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In operation, Streak pops its head up in and around your usual Gmail routine. These take the form of email feature enhancements, like an option to snooze an email while you are reading it (moves it from the inbox and pulls it back in when you want to). On your part, you just need to remember to reply to it soon after. When writing emails, there is a scheduler that allows you to set when you want the email to be sent – perfect for preparing an entire campaign and letting the plugin launch it at the right time.

Other features include Snippets, which can speed up the process of sending lots of emails that require custom templates and Email tracking, which notifies you when your emails are read and seen as well as the number of times it was opened.

For the Organizational Folks

Fans of organized inboxes will appreciate being able sort mail into pre-determined or labeled boxes. You just need to designate your labels, and then the software will automatically sort any and all emails that pertain to those labels. Through Pipeline, you can also view the relevant conversations and tasks related to specific emails, for better tracking and monitoring. Both boxes and pipelines can also be shared with the members of your team, which takes the task of having to meet them for updating on business matters off your hands. In addition, the sharing function also enables your team to collaborate or follow-up on contacts.

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Fortunately, Streak ‘s basic features are offered for free – and this already allows a maximum of five team members to collaborate with. However, to fully experience the full power and range of functions the CRM has to offer you need to invest in the paid plans (ranging from $19 to $119). The paid plans allow users must—have extras such as actionable boxes, email tracking, and scheduled email sending.

Final Word

If you really rely on Gmail to conduct your business, it makes perfect sense to invest in this CRM to optimize your operations. It is very simple to use, to the point of being intuitive from the get-go. It makes email more flexible, and its Gmail integration is so smooth, you will not feel like you are looking at a totally different interface. This CRM is worth it if you are looking for a way to make your business operations smoother, simpler and more coordinated.



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