Tech Tools: Trello – A List Lover’s App Dream Come True

Most multi-taskers will tell you that if there were an easier way to manage everything in their personal and professional lives, they would be first in line for it. After all, who wouldn’t want to have something that can streamline every project or activity and make it easier to manage? For this and so much more, there is an amazing app that is quite possibly your dreams come true: Trello.


What is Trello?

Simply put, Trello is an organizational app available to both iOS and Android users. Yes, there are many of those out there. You probably already have two or three right on your tablet and smartphone. But this one blows all the others out of the water. It is a completely flexible and visual way of organizing your projects, routines, teams and what-have-yous in a way that many other apps like it cannot. It allows you to involve other people in your tasks, so it is also an essential app for group projects.

Everything at a Glance

The strength of Trello lies in its ability to show you everything you need to see in a single glance, while still maintaining a clean and orderly aesthetic. While other apps will have you clicking tabs to see what’s inside, Trello has your pertinent information right in front of you. This gives its users the power to look at the bigger picture while still being able to focus on aspects that need a closer look.

trello to dos

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Well Thought-Of Design

The makers of Trello clearly thought to include features and layouts that will give one the best user experience. Here are some of the great things about its aesthetic, design and feel:

  • Horizontal card layout. For any project, subsections are organized into cards that are lined up from left to right. Like windowpanes, you can see at a glance the tasks and actions that are currently happening in each subsection. The orientation is just right to take a look at the latest activities, as opposed to scrolling down or opening tabs to check for updates.
  • Movable cards. Each card in front of you can be moved around to suit your preferences. For instance, you can sort them from left to right based on project completion. As the cards are not fixed, you have the flexibility to adjust how you see your information based on your needs.
  • Real-time updates. What will really tickle a multitasker’s fancy is the fact that Trello updates progress and new inputs in real time, provided you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data. This is great if your entire team is on board Trello for a project or several projects. One glance at your board will inform you right away of what each person is doing to achieve the intended goal or result based on their actions and inputs.

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Other Features To Fawn Over

Trello also has amazing efficiency-oriented features that every user will enjoy and find essential:

  1. Upload and sync options. You can upload files straight from the cloud or your computer to the cards, and everyone gets it right away. Your other devices where Trello operates also get updated as well.
  2. Checklists and due dates. These allow you to see and monitor the completion of important tasks and be aware of dates and deadlines.
  3. Search, label and filter options. The information you need is yours in a second with these options for categorizing, sorting, and looking for information. This is very handy when you need to pull up something in a jiffy.
  4. Optional features. As Trello only presents your essential information on the screen, other features you may find handy at a later time are present once you turn them on. Called Power-Ups, these extras allow you to vote, add a calendar, and more.
trello check list

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Liking what you’ve read so far? You will probably love how Trello is free and allows you to make as many lists as you need, start on all the projects you want and add as many people as necessary. Clearly, Trello is a powerful tool that will give everyone – from multi-tasking moms to busy bee freelancers – the ability to be more in control, more informed and more goal-oriented than ever.



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