Shut Up and Write!

Introducing our latest initiative at Woolf Works:


The concept started in San Francisco as a meetup group and has now spread around the world. A group of writers getting together and, well, writing. After many requests, Woolf Works will open up on a Saturday to writers of any kind.

We’d like to call on

late-night writers 

would-be bloggers

full time corporates with a writing passion on the side

mums with too many kids under foot during the week

lonely writers, stuck in home office hell.

Shut Up and Write is a time and a space for women writers to come together on a Saturday and write. To use the sound of other fingers tapping on laptops to fuel your own fingers, to carve out a set time in the week to just DO IT.

To Write.

No set topics, no peer reviews.

A beautiful space, with great coffee and tea on free flow.

A spot in your schedule that is for YOU to do that blog post, short story, memoir, article, essay that you have been planning.

To meet other women who share your passion.

We kick off on March 7th, from 10am – 4pm and will start as a once a month event.



The day will be hosted by Woolf Works’ member Laura Coulter (who is obviously very friendly and may or may not be wearing ridiculous glasses) who will encourage you to stand up and stretch your fingers every hour and have chat to your neighbour. You are welcome to bring your lunch (we have a fridge and microwave) or eat out from the great places around us in Joo Chiat.


Sign up now!  (limited seating available)



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