Woolf Works’ Member Spotlight: Mouna Aouri Langendorf


Mouna is a very busy woman! She is a Lite-Timer member of our space and finds our location very convenient when she wants to stay out of the CBD. She also uses it for meetings with other East Coast women and has held workshops for female entrepreneurs in The Den (our upstairs workshop space).

What’s your business?

We aim at building a collaborative community of women entrepreneurs & professionals. It started in January 2014, so a year ago. Woomentum gives female entrepreneurs access to the funds and resources they need in the early stages of their businesses through crowdsourcing. We are the first crowdsourcing platform in SE Asia that covers both business support (hercolab) and funding access to women entrepreneurs (crowdfundherlive).

What ignited the spark in you to start on this venture?

I wanted to create a collaborative space where female entrepreneurs could connect with female experts and solve challenges together in a supportive environment. Have you ever noticed that women are much less likely to ask questions or give advice on platforms like LinkedIn or Quora? It’s not because women lack the necessary expertise; it’s just that sometimes, they lack a little bit of confidence. This is where HerCoLab comes in. I want HerCoLab to become a trusted community where women can share their expertise and learn from one another.

HerCoLab is actually part of a larger crowdsourcing initiative called Woomentum, which gives female entrepreneurs access to the funds and resources they need in the early stages of their business. Women are very good at building communities and encouraging one another, so crowdsourcing is the perfect opportunity to bring all these smart, talented and generous women together.

Describe your typical working day        

I start my working day with reading the latest news, reply emails and go through my todo list. I always have meetings with Woomentum’s community and regularly check on their progress. I spent a significant amount of time listening to female founders and help them solve their challenges. 50% of my time goes on Slack and Skype managing the virtual technical team. Being in a coworking space helps me exchange ideas and get tips for my business! The support that community provides is so precious. It’s all about collaboration!

What would be the three top skills needed to be successful in your field?

  1. Marketing
  2. Community building and
  3. Front & back end development (technology)

What motivates you?

The impact that Woomentum will make on societies! To see more women benefit from the products and services we are offering – to see our collaborative community grow and help each other is to me the major motivation.

How do you maintain a healthy life-work balance?

I exercise regularly and I drum a lot. I am a passionate drummer and music heals my soul and tired brain – takes me into the offline world and to the world of self-expression. I must admit that keeping work-life balance is challenging because I work nonstop and manage and operate my business 24/7. As an entrepreneur I work much more than I did previously in my career working for corporate.

Where did you work most often before you discovered coworking?

From home, Cafes and national libraries – co-working spaces changed my life!

What do you love about being a member at Woolf Works and how has it helped you in your business?

There are many things I love about WW – First and foremost the energy and the spirit of her founder is transmitted in every corner of the space. It’s a very pleasant, well thought through design with a deep understanding of the need of WW community of women – which is in my view the heartbeat of every co-working space. Being surrounded by women creates that powerful energy that only women together can create. It’s a quiet space and yet members are still accessible and there is a room for collaboration and support. Diversity of professional backgrounds, ethnicity and family backgrounds – that diversity brought in one space is very magic and WW has successfully achieved that. WW hosts several entrepreneurship events, art and even fitness, everything I need in one place! Last and not least, I am very productive when I work from WW – that is a very important thing when running a startup!

How can people connect with you?




Email: mouna@woomentum.com

Websites: www.woomentum.com    www.hercolab.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/woomentum

LinkedIn: sg.linkedin.com/in/mounaaouri



Woolf Works is a women-only work space located in a renovated shophouse on Joo Chiat Rd. Our community includes writers, entrepreneurs, photographers and consultants. Come for a visit and see for yourself! To find out more about membership at our space please click here(https://woolfworks.wordpress.com/membership/). You can also check our website(http://woolfworks.sg/and get in touch at info@woolfworks.sg.



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