Woolf Works’ Event: Creating Your Vision for 2015 with Aimee Barnes

We held another fantastic vision board workshop with Aimee Barnes of Tangram Fitness this Saturday. Eighteen men and women came together to focus on what they wanted from the year and Aimee took us through process-driven visualization and how that has helped her achieve a great deal. This means we were also focusing on the steps needed to get to those goals, not just the goal itself.

It was a great afternoon, four hours really flies when you are so deeply involved in the process! The tangibility of cutting and pasting the magazine pictures was very therapeutic and allowed the mind to wander. The gentle conversation amongst the group about goals and dreams and obstacles really helped to create a lovely ambience.



IMG_9524  FullSizeRender


The attendees all enjoyed free flow coffee and tea, vegetable sticks and hummus as well as some home cooked banana bread.




Woolf Works is a women’s coworking space on Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore. We are situated in a beautiful old shophouse and have various options available for venue hire. With our attic workshop area ‘The Den’ and our ‘Main Space’, we can accommodate any gathering, from one-on-one coaching sessions and  intimate workshops, to classes with fifty people attending. Enquire at info@woolfworks.sg.


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