Woolf Works’ Event: Voice Coaching Workshop with Jessia Wootton of Expatise: Voice, Editorial and Production Services

A group of us spent a fabulous morning with Jessica on Thursday, learning about all the mistakes we make during public speaking and being introduced to a technique to help us combat those mistakes. Jessica is the only licensed teacher of the Hudson Voice Technique  in Singapore and she did a great 2 hour introductory workshop in The Den at Woolf Works. Her class was a sell out and we all went away very excited to get into our two week home study period. Thanks Jessica!

expatise image

The Hudson Voice Technique™ is a powerful, structured technique that has a permanent effect. It teaches you to use your voice powerfully, confidently and convincingly. For more information visit www.expatisesingapore.com and click on “Training”.

image expastise


Woolf Works is a women’s coworking space on Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore. We are situated in a beautiful old shophouse and have various options available for venue hire. With our attic workshop area ‘The Den’ and our ‘Main Space’, we can accommodate any gathering, from one-on-one coaching sessions and  intimate workshops, to classes with fifty people attending. Enquire at info@woolfworks.sg.


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