Woolf Works’ Member Spotlight: Rachel Meisner


Rachel is a Dedicated Resident at Woolf Works – this means she has her own desk and lockable storage, handy as she is in and out with frequent business trips. Rachel takes advantage of our all hours access as she works across time zones and often needs to work late (or early morning, before heading to the airport!).

What’s your business?
Wine, since 2005. I was in FMCG for a long time – 10 years in L’oreal.

What ignited the spark in you to start on this venture?
Love of the product! Also, I have travelled a lot, and wine country is the most beautiful, and wine “towns” are great.

Describe your typical working day        
Currently 75% would be overseas in an Asian market, speaking with distributors and restaurant customers. About one week a month in Woolf Works. Even then, I have a lot of appointments with F&B directors e.g. of Marina Bay Sands or the American Club, so am in and out a bit.

What would be the three top skills needed to be successful in your field?
Need to truly love and know your product, be good at making connections and be very persistent.

What motivates you?
I am results driven for sure. And knowing a holiday somewhere new is coming up soon!

How do you maintain a healthy life-work balance?
I try to run, and go to the hotel gyms when overseas. My job means a lot of eating and drinking, so when in Singapore I try to be extra careful.

Where did you work most often before you discovered coworking?
I have always been in a regular office. For this job for the first time, I am the only one in Singapore. I bumped into Michaela at an event and I thought this would be perfect for me.

What do you love about being a member at Woolf Works and how has it helped you in your business?
When I get back to Singapore after travelling, it is lovely to come back to Woolf works, chat with some of the girls, but then have a great work space that helps me get a lot done. It’s important for me to have a solid base when I am in town. It is also good to meet people doing other things – get’s one thinking.

How can people connect with you?


Email: rachel.meisner@yahoo.fr

Website: http://www.jacksonfamilywines.com/


Woolf Works is a women-only work space located in a renovated shophouse on Joo Chiat Rd. Our community includes writers, entrepreneurs, photographers and consultants. Come for a visit and see for yourself! To find out more about membership at our space please click here. You can also check our website and get in touch at info@woolfworks.sg.



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