Woolf Works’ Member Spotlight: Gunilla Lindgren

Welcome to the first in our series featuring the wonderful women in our community.


Gunilla is a permanent desk holder and always a cheerful spark in our group. Plus we love seeing her beautiful images on canvas, stacked next to her desk and waiting to go to their new homes!

What’s your business?
I work and run the photography business Sugarlight Photography.

What ignited the spark in you to start on this venture?
I am passionate about photography and want to create beautiful images that my clients love and cherish forever. My style is whimsical, relaxed and playful and my specialty is family and children.

Describe your typical working day
A typical day means leaving my 4 year old at nursery, and heading into Woolf Works. First thing I do is read through my emails, check Facebook (don’t we all) and then I start editing the latest photography session that I had. And between other business related stuff and by the end of the day, which I decide how long I want to work (happy) I go and pick up my son!

What would be the 3 top skills needed to be successful in your field?
I would say: an eye for photography, passion for the same and always strive to become better. Every day.

What motivates you?
My clients motivate me, to always offer something unique, to say that I have some new cool props. And seeing the results and smiles on my client’s faces, receiving their images!

How do you maintain a healthy life-work balance?
That’s a hard one for me. I actually don’t. But I am trying to get better at it. Being more in the now. Being present. And not always thinking about work.

Where did you work most often before you discovered coworking?
I have worked from home since I started this – when my youngest son was 8 months old and that means that I worked from home for 3 years. I had a dedicated office in our home so it at least looked professional.

What do you love about being a member at Woolf Works and how has it helped you in your business?
This is where the life balance comes in for me. I am trying to go to work, do my thing and log out when done, and I also mean mentally. I have become better at it than before, I must say. Also, having colleagues that are all passionate about what THEY do is exciting.

How can people connect with you?
Email: info@sugarlightphotography.com
Website: http://www.sugarlightphotography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sugarlightphotography
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sugarlightphotography


Woolf Works is a women-only work space located in a renovated shophouse on Joo Chiat Rd. Our community includes writers, entrepreneurs, photographers and consultants. Come for a visit and see for yourself! To find out more about membership at our space please click here. You can also check our website and get in touch at info@woolfworks.sg.


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