Apps That Make Great To-Do Lists

If you’re a to-do list kind of person but would like to keep things light while on the go, then a to-do list app might work for you. Looking for the right one just might be too overwhelming since there are many to-do-lists apps to choose from. Lucky for you, we did the hunting and testing to come up with the definitive rundown of the best ones out there.


This free to-do list app won us over with its clean interface and ability to add new tasks easily. Bonus points go to little extras such as being able to sync to-do lists created on Any.Do with its browser extension and a reminder function. Compatible with: iOS, Android and Google Chrome  Any.Do


At $0.99, Task is value for money and a great choice for its sophisticated aesthetics. Tasks are consolidated on the screen in one go, and it also has a reminder function and the ability to add specific dates and times to tasks if you need to. This is proof that sophistication need not come with a hefty price tag – even if it is just an app. Compatible with: iPhone and iPad task


This $1.99 to-do list app keeps task accomplishment entertaining, what with it being able to turn things into a game. As it puts fun back into functionality, it is therefore ideal for individuals who need motivation to get their tasks done! Compatible with: iPhone and iPad carrot


Calvetica ($2.99) may technically be a calendar app, but tinkering with it yielded the realization that it works just as well (or even better) as a to-do list app. The calendar layout is perfect for visual people who like an at-a-glance summary of what the week brings, as well as determine which days are heavy on the schedule and which ones have more potential for leisurely pursuits. It’s as if you walk around with a personal assistant right in your pocket. Compatible with: iPhone and iPad calvetica

Pocket Lists

At $4.99, Pocket List may be a couple of dollars and cents more than the apps previously mentioned, but it also boasts of a few useful extras that you may find indispensable. Think: list syncing, flagging location reminders, making to-do lists out of photos, and so much more. Compatible with: iPhone and iPadpocketlists-ios-cover


The first “freemium” app (free or $4.99) on the list, Wunderlist nonetheless turned out to be a top contender not just by looks alone. Be warned, though – behind its stylish layout comes a bevy of functionalities to please your inner O.C. self: adding notes, setting repeated events, assigning to-do tasks to your collaborators, and adding sub-tasks are just at the tip of the iceberg. Compatible with: iPhone and iPad, Android, Kindle devices, Windows and Webwunderlist

Todo 7

Todo 7 is a no-nonsense to-do list app for those who prefer a more business-y look to their task maker app. The price tag starts at $4.99 and has an already impressive feature set; upgrade it to the $14.99 version and that feature set grows an extra mile long. Not for the faint-hearted: this app means business – and lots of it. Compatible with: iPhone, iPad and Mac todo72Do

Need something more “heavy duty”? 2Do ($9.99 or $39.99) just might be for you, then. It’s practically a project management tool in itself, with the ability to consolidate your collection of to-do lists from individual projects into one streamlined system. Good news for you multitasking, multi-hyphenated folk: tags are present for an easier time sorting out your never-ending list of to-dos. Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android 2do

These apps will definitely help you organize things to be done, whether they are business related or simply household tasks. Have we covered your favourite to-do app? What do you use for your to-do lists? We’d love to hear about it!





One thought on “Apps That Make Great To-Do Lists

  1. Hey thanks for the list of apps. I’m always trying to become more organized and I’m always trying to simplify my life. Sometimes ‘to-do’ apps work against this! These seem like they may work.

    here is a related post about carrying through with the ‘to-do’ list.

    Thanks for sharing and Enjoy 🙂


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