‘Tis the season

We are building up to that time of the year where for many, the pleasure of family time and no alarm clocks runs smack into the stresses of jet lag and travel, family dynamics, financial strain and mile-long to-do lists.

This is the time of year when all big plans are shelved for frantic evening Christmas shopping runs, juggling work commitments and school functions and preparing guest rooms or packing suitcases.

It’s a time of short tempers and stress.

I was reminded of this beautiful poem by Rumi recently and thought I might pin it up on my bathroom mirror, to help with the tough times.

Rumi - Guest house

We are having a great (and free!) talk at Woolf Works on December 1st at 10am. Clinical Psychologist Shrimati Swaminathan will discuss tension and stress around the holidays and family dynamics – especially dealing with your in laws!

Sign up here

We all wish for a happy and loving family holiday season – unfortunately we are also all human. Sometimes the little tips and tricks can help us in small ways to deal with the big things. Hope to see you there, meanwhile I’m off to print out a poem.





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