Why Failure is Good for You

If things are not working out as you’d planned lately – a recent project has gone bust or perhaps a great e-commerce idea has fizzled to a halt – know that the place you currently find yourself in is actually doing you some good. Here are some reasons why failure can actually be beneficial.


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Failure Lets You Learn What Went Wrong

Thomas Edison made hundreds of attempts to create a light bulb. Each time he failed, he learned more about what went wrong in his invention until he finally perfected it. Experiencing failure allows you to learn from your mistakes. Failing does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t try again – it just tells you what not to do next time.

Failure Can Bring New (or Alternative) Opportunities

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. In failure, the same can be true – as long as your eyes are open and you know where to look. When ventures do not come to fruition, there is often a silver lining you can keep your eyes out for, whether it is a new type of material to experiment on, a different business partner, an alternative approach to marketing a product, or something that you haven’t yet explored.

Failure Gives You Lasting Sense of Humility

Failure can be embarrassing, humiliating, and cringe-worthy. But it can also teach you humility. The sting that comes with failure keeps your ego in check so that when you finally experience success (whether in the same endeavor or something else), you know not to gloat, step on other people or be driven to narcissism. Why? Because you know that at any given time, that success you are feeling can be taken away from you. Therefore, the feeling of failure can give you humility and gratitude for the small and large triumphs that you are fortunate enough to experience.

Failure Makes You A Better Leader

Many people say that the best leaders are the ones who have experienced failure because they are more able to empathize and connect with fellow employees and workers. Having experienced the “low feeling” that comes with failure will enable you to motivate your team and speak from experience because hey, you’ve been there too – and that makes you relatable, believable and worth following.

When You’ve Felt Failure, You Work Hard to Not Feel It Again

And finally, failure actually makes you more determined in your undertaking so that you do not experience another letdown. You work much harder and much smarter to get things done the right way, you work with the right people and at the right pace and with the confidence and commitment you know it needs to get the job done properly.


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Yes, failure can make you feel lost, depressed and down in the dumps. But when you are down, remember that there is no other way to go but up!


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