Ted Talk Inspiration: Kare Anderson

In this Ted talk from September 2014, Kare Anderson talks about being an opportunity maker and having what she calls a mutuality mindset – seeking relationships and connections with people who are different from ourselves and seeing how we can work together.

Anderson, on opportunity makers:

“They’re not affronted by differences, they’re fascinated by them, and that is a huge shift in mindset, and once you feel it, you want it to happen a lot more.”

“…they communicate to connect around sweet spots of shared interest. ”

A perfect talk to watch before a networking session.


One thought on “Ted Talk Inspiration: Kare Anderson

  1. Am gratified that my TED talk resonated with you (and over 877,000 others it startles me to see) and your readers may also be interested in over 200 supportive tips in Mutuality Matters by $4 eBook on Amazon and iTunes…


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