Sunday Reads

I had a motherhood fail today – I took the kids to a waterplay park, already wearing their swimmers and swim nappies and forgot to take any other clothes. Good times.

I then had two shivery, un-nappied and unhappy kids jiggling around and dropping towels while waiting for Sunday lunch takeaways from the fried rice stall. Felt like an excellent mother alright. Perhaps it’s something to do with transitioning to a fulltime working mum about two months ago, I seem to have forgotten all the basics for outings. Now they are dressed, napped, fed and actually playing quietly and I am enjoying a cup of tea and some Sunday reading..

E-commerce friends will like this one, though many of these apply to all businesses:

41 pieces of advice from e-commerce retailers

A lovely piece of writing that will resonate with those living far from home or even just frequent travelers:

A Place That Will Stay Within Me

Fantastic profiles of Australian women in business:

Browse by Location

Planning a trip to Bali in October to listen and learn at

The Ubud Writers Festival (anyone want to join me?)


What are you reading this Sunday?





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